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Here is the first try out with mel scripting.

Basically a class exercise, very interesting what mel can do.


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The Mel Coding




Here I am expanding further and exploring some spiral designs.


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Mel Coding




More Spiral designs





Here I am trying out with the instance functions.

However I encountered some problems with the transformation.

I have not fully understand how mel reads the transformation with the instance function.


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Mel Coding




Here is another design using instance.





Well here I am trying out some blocking. Using mel to block out shapes that i desire.

Here is just a simple test to understand how it works.


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Mel Script.




Well here is something interesting.

Expanding from the first block script, I added the random calculations

to the Scale and the X axis.


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Mel Script.




Her I have moved on the create a interesting looking pyramid. Looking somewhat spacelike.

The sliders are to control how big the pyramid will be in XYZ

Above is the Interface for creating the irregular pyramid.

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Click to see Pyramid Script




The Duplicate Button is to combine the created pyramid and create instances in a random manner.

I am still working on the random control interface. It will allow the artist to play around on the

arrangement of the pyramids.

Another thought is also to make each pyramid different from each other.















Here is another version of the mass duplication of the pyramids.

Next is to work on a selection procedure , so that i can randomly select cubes to assign

different shaders.




Ok after alot of tweaking, reading, figuring, trial and error, getting all lost at times and geting help here and there.

I finally got things together.

This is pretty much what I wanted my Pyramid Creation Tool to do.

It have the ability to create a pyramid with randomize size blocks.

Its can randomly select shapes so that I can assign shaders to different cube,

giving variation to the pyramid.

Lastly , it is able to mass produce in a given XZ space.

With this controls I was able to work out interesting compositions and arrangement.


Click to See - New Pyramid Creation Mel Script






Here you are looking at the new UI, alot more controls from the first.

The top column allow you to set the hight, withe and depth of the Pyramid.

Once set, by clicking the make Pyramid will create a Pyramid.

Grp Pyramid will Group all polyshape to a Group with a given name.

( The User cannot change the name ) " thats the bad side of it"

I am still figuring out a good workflow so that renaming will not cause a break with connections in the script.

Random Select - allows you to select random shapes for shader or making your own changes.

Units ini dupX & Z axis - defines the area where the mass scatter of the objects will occur.

Delete Scatter - deletes all scattered unites

Delete Pyramid - deletes the original Pyramid Created

Floor plane - just a quick way to put in a floor :)


Click to see - NEW Pyramid Mel UI Script




The top image shows you a creationg of a Pyramid.

When the Make Pyramid Button is clicked on.

Click to see large version.

Click to see Mel Procedure for Pyramid Creation.




The bottom image shows the selection tool in action.

As you can see the white outline boxes are the selected boxes.

Click to see large version.

Click to see Mel Procedure for Random Selection.




Here are several types of shapes and sizes of pyramid this tool can create.

Also showing how the reandom selection works with the shaders being applied.

Click on Image to see large version.

Pyramid 1.img

Pyramid 2.img

Pyramid 3.img




Here I am showing the Duplicate and Scatter function.

I have created controls to scatter in a set area define through X and Z axis.

Click to see larger version.

Click to see Mel Procedure for Mass Scatter.





Well here is an example of a Randomly Scattered Pyramids using the

Pyramid tool that I have created.






A close up render of the Scattered Pyramids shown above.

Click to see 640 by 480 version




Here is another shot, shown in a more interesting angle.

Click to see 640 by 480 version


Above is a demonstrated video of how this script works