Matching CG to Life



Over on the left is my reference photogrpah that I took.

The Gum packet in the foreground will be replaced with a CG one.

In this website, I will take you through the steps taken in order to

achieve a CG product to match a life one.



This one here, the foreground Gum is replaced with a CG One.



I took my Background image by removing the foreground reference Gum.



Scanned High Resolutions of the wrapers at 600 dpi.



Modeled a 3d version of the Gum, as accurate as possible.



Now its time to get my CG object to match my background plate.


Shading the model. The trick that made the irregularity of the gummy wrap is due to bump map and the specular map. I personally went into photoshop and shade out the unwanted highlights of the texture, so that i can achieve an accurate specular on my Gummy Wrap. The bump map was colored in photoshop manually as well.

Gummy Wrap Shder Network and Foil Shader Network


Click Me to See Full Image

Using key to fill ration lighting, I tried to light the CG gummy to match the lighting of the Reference Picture that I took.


While lighting is going through many trails, I move on to creating my layers.

In order to move on with the pipeline as things can be change back and

forth the production line. On the left are the different render layers that I

have generated to give me flexibility with compositing my shot.



Click me to see full image

Once the layers are rendered out.

They are composited in Shake a node base compositing software.